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Better Nature

At Better Nature, we make protein without compromise – delicious, nutritious, plant-based and all-natural, just how we like it! We are the world’s first food-tech company focused on tempeh fermentation and innovation, and with the use of our proprietary starter cultures and processing methods, we are developing all-natural plant-based burgers, mince, rashers, and ribs that are not only clean-label, affordable and easy to cook but are also high in protein and fibre and have a delicious meaty bite.

Since Better Nature’s founding in early 2019, we’ve won 5 international Food Tech competitions, including the Best Startup of the Cohort at the ProVeg Incubator, Europe’s leading alternative protein incubator programme, and the Most Innovative Alternative Food Ingredient Award at Food Ingredients Europe 2019. We were also one of just six startups invited by the Good Food Institute to present on the main stage of the Good Food Conference 2019, the world’s largest alternative protein conference.

Beyond our achievements in innovation, we’ve also been busy building the UK’s leading all-natural meat-free brand. We’re now listed in over 200 independent retailers and are currently in discussions with the UK’s largest supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s and Tesco. We are consistently one of the best-selling vegetarian protein brands on Amazon UK and have a returning customer rate of 48%+ on our D2C website. We’ve recently also launched into foodservice and have a listing with Bidfood – one of the UK’s largest foodservice distributors – all to fulfil our simple mission: to create foods that don’t compromise on people, the planet and animals.

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European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) Food

European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) Food

Our Mission

We need to future proof our food. So we are on a mission to build an inclusive and innovative community where the consumer is actively involved.


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Nature’s packaging is compostable, why should ours be any different?

TIPA® develops and manufactures compostable flexible packaging solutions mainly for the food and fashion industries. The company produces flexible packaging that mimics conventional plastic in terms of qualities like versatility, printability, transparency, and shelf-life, but at the same time fully breaks down in compost post-use, just like any organic matter.

Since its inception by CEO & Co-Founder Daphna Nissenbaum, TIPA® has developed a vast portfolio of products and applications based on innovative technology and industry know-how. TIPA® works closely with businesses of all types to design and provide packaging ideal for their specific segment, ranging from fresh produce and snacks to fashion apparel. TIPA® operates on a global scale with clients in the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North and Central America, providing compostable packaging solutions that are built to fit existing machinery and chain of supply systems worldwide.

An estimated 8.3 billion tons of virgin plastic have been produced in the world up to 2017, nearly 70% of which has been used only once before being discarded into landfills and open ecosystems. By producing an environmentally responsible alternative to flexible packaging, TIPA® offers brands a viable alternative to flexible packaging that in turn, enable end-consumers to choose materials that benefit our ecosystems. TIPA® gained international acclaim in 2019 when it was named Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum.

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Gold & green foods

Pulled Oats® is a Finnish innovation created by Maija Itkonen and Reetta Kivelä. From the very beginning, they knew that if they wanted to create the food that was going to change the world, it would have to be healthy, easy to prepare and – most importantly – mouth-wateringly delicious.  And voila!

Pulled Oats® is completely plant-based and super yummy, made with just five simple ingredients: oats, yellow peas, faba beans, rapeseed oil and salt.  Pulled Oats® is made by mechanically heating and abrading the ingredients – absolutely no additives are included in the ingredient list.

So how did this whole oat thing get started?

It all started at 10,000 feet.

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Impact Snacks

Founded in 2016 by Gen Z entrepreneurs Corey Nobile and Nick Oliveri, Impact Snacks is a plant-based, sustainable food company that makes innovative and healthy superfood bars. Impact Snacks is pioneering planet-conscious snacking, inspired by their mantra: “Choose Good.” From ethical, bioplastic packaging to holistic ingredients to carbon-neutral offsetting initiatives, the company’s planet-conscious approach to business is one the founders hope other companies, inspired by the possibility, implement themselves. Impact Snacks’ mission is to make the future of snacking sustainable—for people and the planet.

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Botaniline is a food technology company that helps manufacturers create healthier foods using plant-based ingredients. Using Botaniline’s food science, food companies are able to create products that are clean label, more sustainable, allergen-free, and significantly lower in sodium and saturated fat with no compromise to the taste consumers love.


Their first groundbreaking technology allows you to create healthier ground proteins. Processed meat gets a bad rap due to being high in sodium and chemical additives. Botaniline has changed that. By blending their plant-based ingredient with the ground protein of your choice, you’re able to create a product that is clean-label and dramatically lower in sodium and fat. In addition, you can substitute up to 10% of the meat block to create a more sustainable product. For those who have dietary restrictions, food allergies, or who are simply looking to eat healthier and more sustainably, Botaniline’s ground protein technology is the answer.


Botaniline has also created an allergen-free Pea-Nutless Butter that tastes just like the real thing! Pea-Nutless Butter is not only allergen free, but also contains less sodium, sugar, calories, and fat making it a healthier choice for all.

Botaniline’s mission is simple: Help food manufacturers make clean-label and more sustainable products in order to create a healthier world.

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Metabolic works with businesses, governments, and non-profits to accelerate the transition to a sustainable and circular economy. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the team guides organizations on how to adapt to a fast-changing context through landmark research, strategies and tools, on-the-ground pilots, and scaling up innovations. Metabolic specializes in systems transformation methodologies and science-based approaches, bridging the gap between natural science and economics, and working inclusively across industry and the public sector to drive meaningful systemic change.

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Koidra Inc- an AI for Greenhouses company based in Columbus, Ohio USA- provides cutting edge technology solutions to indoor farms and greenhouses for greater yield and resource efficiency, combining the latest research in AI, IoT, and Horticulture science.

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Entoprotech is a circular economy company engaged in food waste treatment and processing. The company harnesses the unique qualities of the BSF to convert food waste into a variety of advanced products.

Headquartered in Israel, Entoprotech has R&D activity in Israel and Russia and a production facility processing 15 tons of organic waste daily with plans to expand operations to 150 tons/day by 2022. The Company’s products include defatted insect meal (a fishmeal replacement), fat with potential uses in cosmetics and pharma, and frass (leftovers of larvae metabolic activity) as a high quality fertilizer.

Entoprotech is at the forefront of the cleantech and agritech segments, using the best of Israeli technology developed in-house and by our strategic partners in genetics, biochemistry and animal feeds. Solutions developed by Entoprotech contribute to finding solutions to issues such as greenhouse gas emissions, use of land for landfilling, the high environmental footprint of the food industry, the protein shortage for animal farming, and more.

For more information please visit www.entoprotech.com

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Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS)

IGS delivers platforms that create ideal climates for plants and people, based upon a culture of continuous innovation, brilliant, simple design and a refusal to accept conventional technical thinking. Founded in 2013, IGS brought together decades of farming and engineering experience to create an agritech business with a vision to revolutionise the indoor growing market. Our commitment to innovation has continued apace and we have evolved the applications of our technology beyond agriculture to create solutions for a wide variety of indoor environments which enhance life for people and plants.

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