Charity Donation

Positive Banking is delighted to partner with The Finance Innovation Lab (FIL) as the official charity partner for the event. We are passionate about supporting social impact development and promoting our social footprint for the conference. We encourage all participants for the conference to donate and support, not matter how big or small.

About Finance Innovation Lab

Why Focus on finance?

Our financial system has become disconnected from the real needs of people, the environment, the wider economy and society. Dysfunctions in the financial system lie at the root of many of today’s challenges, from climate change and economic crises, to poverty, marginalisation, and inequality.  It doesn’t have to be this way. People created the system and people can change it. 

Our vision is a financial system that serves people and planet, one which is:


a transparent and accountable financial system, where all people can participate in the rule-making and institutions that shape it.


a financial system that helps meet society’s long-term needs and supports human flourishing on a thriving planet.


a financial system that promotes diversity and equality and protects human rights.


a financial system that provides security and stability for all, and for the real economy.

The FIL focus on transformative systems change. This means deep, lasting change in the financial system that impacts mental models – the social and cultural mindsets,

narratives, norms and values that make up and perpetuate what we believe is normal – and power dynamics, which determine how the system operates, who gets influence, and whose interests prevail. 

The FIL community has now grown to over 650 financial changemakers, including innovators and influencers from values-based finance, fintech, mainstream finance, civil society organisations, governmental organisations and academia. The breadth of their community is a core strength of the Lab, recognising the need to hear all voices – particularly those marginalised by the current system – to ensure the new system serves everyone rather than the few.

Find out more on the FIL website here.

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