In addition to the mainstream agenda, the real heart of the Positive Banking conference centres on the meetings that are held on the side-lines of the event. Delegates have the opportunity to arrange multiple high quality, focused meetings within a concentrated period of time as well as benefit from the many free flowing networking events built into the agenda.

Virtual Roundtables

Virtual Roundtables have been built into the Positive Banking 2021 Agenda. These high impact dynamic sessions are structured to maximise your opportunity to connect with the food industries most important investors, dealmakers, business leaders and service providers. Each roundtable session is hosted by an industry expert with specific roundtables on various topics related to food sustainability.

Investor Relations Service

The Positive Banking Conference offers a designated Investor Relations service for all partners of the event. The Investor Relations meeting service is led by a designated Networking Manager, who will connect you with investors, distributors and potential partners that meet your criteria. This tailored service allows partners to outsource their meetings organisation to the event organiser who will ensure you connect with the right counterparts for your business.

Digital Meetings Platform

The Positive Banking Meetings Platform allows all registered delegates to contact each other and book meetings at dates and times that adjust to specific time zones. The integrated meeting system makes the booking of multiple meetings very easy allowing you to choose the time and duration of each meeting, thus maximising your chances of achieving high-quality interactions during the conference. The Virtual Meetings Platform will be launched one week before and closed one month after the conference.

Benefits of our networking platform

Export your attendee list

Get your contacts information, notes and tags in an Excel file.

Get better recommendations

Add keywords that will feed the matchmaking algorithm and refine the suggestions of people you should meet.


Adding a score helps your follow-up by knowing the potential of each connection made.


Add tags to organize contacts

Add notes

Add notes about your contacts to remind you of specific details and how you met them

Reaching out

Follow up with your contacts via our in-app messaging feature

For further information on partnering at Positive Banking, please contact Jawad Allawi, Head of Investor Relations: